About Us

NordBot is a third-party personal electric vehicle battery pack manufacturer that specializes in improving your electric scooter riding experience by offering a wide variety of upgrades, accessories, and official spare parts at industry leading pricing all while maintaining customer-centric fulfillment times.

In addition to our unbeatable pricing, rigorous quality control standards, and 24/7 customer support - we are the original and most recognized supplier in the personal electric vehicle (PEV) modification and innovative scene.


Being the brains behind the original development, testing, and full fulfillment process of our third-party hardware upgrades allows us to provide the best possible versions of the products we've delivered and will continue to fulfill to thousands of riders and enthusiasts alike around the globe each year.

NordBot is an authorized distributor of

Segway-Ninebot products.

From Humble Beginnings


When the "Ninebot Max", also known as the "G30 Max" model of electric kick-scooter was first released as a crowdfunding campaign in June of 2019, one newly found personal electric vehicle enthusiast who was also a backer of the scooter's crowdfunding campaign at the time found himself thinking to create online communities where fellow riders, backers, and people who were interested in the product could use as a central means of communication amongst themselves.

Shortly after backers began receiving their long-awaited, crowdfunded Ninebot Max scooters and riding them - there was one common theme of discussion amongst riders. "How do I make my Ninebot Max faster?"


That's when a purpose was found, and NordBot was founded.

Since early 2020, we have distributed over 600 unique hand-assembled battery products to over 85 countries internationally (excluding all other products).