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Why NordBot 48V over competitors'?

To put it bluntly: our competitors sell dangerous products. A series connection between two different voltage battery packs with a largely different capacity, different cell brand/make in each, independent BMS boards, etc. is a safety hazard. Over time, these differences will strain the two battery packs within the series connection upon repeated discharging and charging cycles (just using the scooter with this setup). Eventually the battery packs will drift further and further away in capacity from each other which could lead to an internal short or even a chemical Lithium-Ion fire (which you really, really don't want to deal with - trust us). This is an example of what could cause a fire in EUCs with two separate battery packs after an extended period of use. At NordBot, we put customer safety at our top priority - and that allows us to provide a product that is completely outside of Ninebot’s ecosystem, and rather uses proprietary hardware (BMS boards) that is able to provide unbeatable ride quality, power delivery, and overall performance on the Max. You can't cheap out on the price when quality is the product you're paying for.

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