⛰️ 35% faster acceleration compared to Gen 2 Motors!


✅ Easy to install! Plug & play.


Using the 48V 500W Upgraded Motor on your 48V-modified Ninebot Max electric scooter will increase the initial torque (acceleration speed) in comparison to the OEM Gen 1 and Gen 2 motors, and can reliably handle much higher voltage and current (amperage) over time.


Unbeatable Power Delivery

The Monorim 48V 500W Motor Upgrade distributed by NordBot for Max provides a smooth, unmatched power delivery curve and punchy power acceptance.


Reliability Guaranteed

Having the piece of mind that your motor is built exactly for use with the other components on your modified scooter is important for serious riders.


Compatible with all models of the Ninebot Max.

48V 500W Torque Max Motor

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