🔋Using the 5A Fast Charger to recharge your Ninebot Max electric scooter will reduce your charging wait time time drastically.


⚡ 40% faster in comparison to the stock Max charging cable

⚡ 50% faster in comparison to the included 48V charger



Ceramic Bearing Fan

The NordBot 5A Fast Charger for Max utilizes the highest quality, most compact cooling fan along with an aluminum-alloy heatsink to ensure a low charging temperature.


Smart Charging Technology

The NordBot 5A Fast Charger for Max uses the most recent "smart charging" technology to ensure that your charged device's battery remains healthy and within safe operating condition while charging.


Product Versatility

The NordBot 5A Fast Charger for Max arrives with the correct wall plug standard according to the requested delivery address's region. The output connector also arrives compatible with the Ninebot Max by default, but we can ship different connector interfaces upon request.

Max 5A Fast Charger

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