🌠 Increase your top speed up to 33mph / 53kmh!


✅ Easy to install! Plug & play.


🤗 Hand assembled with

best-in-class Sanyo GA Japanese battery cells.



🚀 Our 48V Upgraded Battery - compatible with the G30, G30P, G30D, and G30LP models of the Ninebot Max, will quite literally turn your previously slow scooter into a rocketship.

Not recommended for the faint of heart.


78 cells total in a 13s6p battery configuration allow for a total capacity of 21AH (1008Wh).

This will offer most riders a typical driving range of 30.6 miles (49.24 km) before recharging*.


For further specification/rating related data, please click here.

48V Upgraded Battery

  • 💠 Rigorous quality control

    👨‍🍳 Monthly production batches

    🚚 5-10 business day transit

International Delivery