🛏️ Using the Rear Suspension Kit on your Ninebot Max G30(x) electric scooter will improve ride quality, comfort, and will reduce strain from longer / bumpy rides drastically.


OWN Terrain Imperfections

The NordBot G30 Rear Suspension for Max utilizes a high quality, spring/coil based shock to ensure that it feels the large majority of the bumps you go over, rather than the rider feeling them.


Easy To Install

The NordBot G30 Rear Suspension for Max comes with all of the tools you need to install it on your scooter at home.

See the last product photo.


Built To Last

The NordBot G30 Rear Suspension for Max is built to last thanks to it's complete 

6082 Aluminium-based construction that is forged by 1600 tons of vigorous pressure.



Click here to read about 6082 Aluminium Alloy, commonly used in bridges and cranes.

Max Rear Suspension

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