⛰️ Add an additional

16.7 miles (26.88km) to your Ninebot Max's driving range!


✅ Easy to install! Plug & play.


🤗 Hand assembled with

Grade-A Samsung 25R battery cells.



Our SCOUT Range Extension Battery Pack - compatible with ALL models of the Ninebot Max, will take you where you couldn't go before on a single battery charge.


40 cells total in a 10s4p battery configuration allow for a total capacity of 10AH (360Wh).

This will offer most riders an additonal driving range of 16.7 miles (26.88km) before recharging*.


We rate our driving ranges based on real-world riding conditions.

Most riders can actually expect the specifications we claim on the road.


For further specification/rating related data, please click here.

SCOUT Range Pack for Max

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    👨‍🍳 1-month production time

    🚚 5-10 business day transit

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