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🤩 Peak power output of 2800W!


🏅 Award-winning ACCELERATION



Upgraded Dashboard

This component is based on the original Ninebot Max G30x Dashboard, but we use hardware in our workshop to flash our proprietary custom firmware on the dashboard to make it compatible with our new Upgraded Controller's personality.

6 easy screws to install! All plug-and-play, utilizing Ninebot connectors.


Upgraded BMS Emulator

This component emulate's Ninebot/Xiaomi's stock battery management system communication protocol, allowing the scooter's stock dashboard to show the remaining battery percentage of ANY third-party battery used in the scooter.

Yes, battery data shows on the official Ninebot companion apps!


Upgraded ESC Capacitors

The Upgraded ESC's capacitors are upgraded from 63V (stock) to 100V (upgraded) to withstand higher voltage power sources (third-party batteries). Works great with the NordBot 48V Upgrade.


Upgraded ESC PCB Traces

The Upgraded ESC's solder traces are thickened to withstand both increased outbound and recuperative current with higher voltage battery systems.


Upgraded ESC MOSFET Gate

The Upgraded ESC's MOSFET gate is upgraded to 6pc 100V 180A rated replacements to ensure rigorous and interrupted power delivery/acceptance while riding with higher voltage battery systems.


Upgraded ESC IC Resistor

The Upgraded ESC's PCB-component level main control chip resistor is replaced and upgraded to ensure even longer controller lifespan while riding with higher voltage battery systems.

VENOM Upgrade Kit for Max

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